Tell us about one of the earliest memories of your career

I remember about XXXTentacion he was the biggest inspiration in my first days as I started to get into the american music scene, 2014 was a crazy year I became so successful about get in touch with artists that getting now more than million of streams.

How do you prepare yourself before you start a new project?

Sitting in front of my Macbook, Thinking about what I feel and everything I felt, what people did to me everything I say in every Song is real, thats why I don´t have any Ghostwriters

If you had to define yourself to the world, what would the headline be?

The Lonely Kid Behind The Music Industry

If you could write your own story, what would your destiny be? What goals would you like to achieve?

My destiny is it to change the world, change myself to a better human being, most of us having that one feeling of getting home and tired of everything, I feel like everytime I record my songs I dance on fire, like it’s confusing too because people who hate me told me the day I´m going to die will be with dance and much fireworks, tread me like a change but they can keep it, most of the people outside don´t know how is it to be getting loved, that’s why their frequencies getting lower when they get higher, the life is hard and my goal is it to help much people with my music to get in touch with themselves, with their own emotions, you wake up you feel sad, you outside with your friends you sad, you laying in your bed all the monsters in your head, to my apology, claiming I´m be honest right now people get into “Clothes” to help themselves out, but the ´”clothes” don´t help them out, ain´t no escaping, and yes I hate it, cause all bad things I was scared of just happened to me, I just want to help my community, my fans, I want to help everybody, I love them all so much.

What does success mean to you?

Success is not having 100K instagram followers and A verified tick, success is when you know your own worth, most of this school social workers telling you how to deal with your demons without letting you know you should never trust the dark side, Think about it, is it really worth it to leave your friends for just a little bit fame & a little bit cash? No it does not worth it, Please think about it.

How has the perspective of your dreams and objectives changed over the years?

I don´t have dreams, I got plans, and yes a lot of things changed, specially my mental health is getting lower and lower every month, Traumatized from things I lived, its hard to explain.

What has been the most important learning during your career?

“The enemy does not want you to be happy, be happy, always.” – XXXTENTACION & “Be kind to one another, even when it’s not requested.” – XXXTENTACION

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

“Let Me Live” Made In Heaven ( Album ) Magic Memories ( Music Video ) The Lonely Kid Behind The Music Industry ( Documentary Movie ) “X” Feat Demon Kid



Make Out Life is a singer and songwriter who discovered his interest in music in 2014 by XXXTENTACION , as Koçak contacted Onfroy on Twitter. Koçak started to write his own songs & Planned his music career, His first song was Called : “If I die Tonight”. The artist released it on Youtube With his Artist Name MAKE OUT LIFE. “If I die tonight” got taken down by the Beat Producer Because Koçak forgot to license the beat.

In 2016 Koçak started to learn more English & Korean to write songs in multiple languages. As Koçak visited Die natur wölfe (a campsite to learn how to survive in the wild ) He Met his then Girlfriend Rebecca Smith † Due to his depression, Koçak spent most of the time with his then Girlfriend Rebecca Smith † who became his wife in 2018 also Died in 2019. Koçak started to write in 2017 his Album ( 17 Force Vol. 1 ) But he was not able to Release it because of the Death of XXXTENTACION in June 18, 2018 Koçak was deep inside his depression 2018 He Released the album ( 17 Force Vol. 1 ) but also Toke it down after a Month.

In 2019 Koçak his then Girlfriend Rebecca Smith died cause of overdosing on Xanax Pills after that Koçak left the music industry but he made a Big Comeback in July 15, 2021 with his Album Jasal 자살 , The song I Don´t even speak korean lmao from the Album Jasal 자살 Was streamed 50.000 Times on Spotify at the first Week, after that MAKE OUT LIFE changed his Distribution Service from unitedmasters to Distrokid, unforntley thats why some of his Projects taken down, and still today unreleased.