Tell us about one of the earliest memories of your career

One of the earliest and most vivid memories was participation in the Belarusian television project “Cool Guys” in a team led by A. Mezhenny.

I went through a casting with other participants in the city center of culture in Grodno, and got into the team of famous Belarusian choreographer A. Mezhenny. Our group consisted of 6 singers and choreographers. At the time I lived and studied at the Grodno College of Arts and sang in a restaurant.

Every week we came from Grodno to Minsk for rehearsals at the Sports Palace at the STAM dance school. We rehearsed a lot: we sang, danced, and worked on staging shows. Such Belarusian stars as Alexandra and Konstantin, Evgeny Chalyshev worked with us.

Since TV visually increases weight by 30%, I had to lose a few kilograms for filming: I went to the gym every day, ran in the stadium in the morning and went on a strict diet to achieve the result.

As I had hard deadlines, there was practically no free time. It made me stronger and more disciplined. On this project, our team got to the final and took 2nd place.

How do you prepare yourself before you start a new project?

I never stop developing professionally: I study jazz improvisation, harmony, I take online lessons from Belarusian vocal jazz improvisation teacher Volha Makushynskaya.

We sing jazz standards and sket, we practice from Bob Stoloff, Judy Niemack and Jim Snidero compilations.

We must learn constantly; the sky is the limit, especially when we speak about improvisation. It is impossible to say, “I have learned, I already know how to do everything” and stop there. You just can’t stop improving your level, expanding your vocal range, etc.

The main task for me is perfecting my musical literacy, understanding different styles and various vocal techniques. I’m working hard on the emotional component in the songs.

I am constantly looking for different vocal nuances, find new overtones in my voice and apply these in my performances.

Just singing and improving your vocal level just is not enough. So I study modern harmony, different styles, grooves and musical touches. Stylistics is a very important topic. The vocalist must know the peculiarities of the style. If you work with live musicians, you need to fit perfectly in their style.

Working with live musicians is a special, one might say, magically fascinating process. For me singing to live band is much more exciting than to backing tracks, where you don’t have as much freedom. And it is more difficult to work with phonograms, because you need to convey a living emotion, but the phonograms are pre-recorded, and you cannot change anything there.

Even the most outstanding musicians study with teachers from time to time, because we do not hear ourselves from the inside and corrections are always needed. The teacher can correct something from outside. The teacher will give you easy and comfortable solution to any problems of vocal technique. If a singer feels comfortable the voice will always sound good. View from the outside helps to achieve a better result.

Such big star as Lara Fabian, who even goes on tour with her vocal teacher, is a good illustration of this idea.

I would like to mention one important point: on the day of the concert, I usually do not eat. Firstly, food makes you feel sleepy; you are not so active anymore. Secondly, eating before singing causes the stomach to work, which causes certain problems. I drink only still water. Drinking tea or coffee result for me in non-closure of ligaments, so I avoid them on the day of the concert. Before the performance, I usually keep my voice quiet and try to focus on my feelings and relax.

It is also necessary to take into account weather conditions and follow weather forecast if your performance is going to be outdoors. In the Emirates, such concerts are often held, so you need to be prepared for any occasion and unexpected weather conditions, especially in winter, when there is strong wind and rain.

I’d like to highlight that on the day of the concert, I sing in the middle range (I don’t sing to the very heights or to the very bottom of my voice), I don’t sing aggressive or forcing way, etc. You need to leave strength for the performance, the concert itself. Performance requires a lot of emotional return. And so I must be ready physically and emotionally for what I love doing most.

If you had to define yourself to the world, what would the headline be?

Go ahead and never give up!

If you could write your own story, what would your destiny be? What goals would you like to achieve?

I would like to combine singing and professional choreography and spend more time practicing the instrument. As experience has shown, in Dubai it is not enough just to sing, you definitely need to play some instrument here. I would like to improve my piano skills to a higher level, so that I could sing and play the program at the same time; perform at events in a new capacity.

I am also interested in such instruments as guitar and ukulele.

What does success mean to you?

This is discipline, persistence, work, achievement of goals and self-confidence. Sometimes, it involves work without days off, and you have to be ready for this.

How has the perspective of your dreams and objectives changed over the years?

Dreams come true, they just change. I had a dream to live and work in Dubai, try myself as a teacher at the Dubai Music Institute, work with students from around the world, and perform in the Emirates. It came true. And now I have new dreams and plans. I want to always feel in good shape. If I lose interest, I set new goals for myself and move on. I’m not afraid to change jobs and continue testing myself and start over, even in another country. I’m driven most by personal growth and interest to my profession.

What has been the most important learning during your career?

Meeting some creative people influenced and changed my life.

And one more thing, love… but it’s very personal. I’m not ready to talk about it

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I’m going to continue cooperation with Dubai musicians and Emirate entertainment agencies.

In addition to solo performances, I have duets and trios with Dubai musicians. Sometimes we participate in open mic. There we have an opportunity to play covers of popular songs and listen to other Dubai musicians.

In May 2023, Dubai will host SHE AWARDS 2023 Season 3, where I will take part in the “She Singer” nomination and will perform as a guest singer. I like to visit new countries, so I plan to travel for short contracts to such countries as Qatar, Turkey, the Seychelles and Hong Kong.



Kristina Gutseva is a Belarusian singer and music teacher currently based in UAE.

The singer released her own songs: “Day by day” (music & lyrics Oleg Sashko), “Mig Blues” (music & lyrics Ina Schakhno), “Privid” (music by Iryna Tratsiak, lyrics by Maria Tsitarchuk).

She has large experience as a singer in such countries as the Maldives, Oman, Bahrain, the Emirates and Belarus.

In Dubai, she worked as a vocal and piano teacher at “Melodica Music & Dance Institute” and started her career as a singer. She began to perform at various events from such well-known agencies, as Soul Artists, Irma Events, Top Talents, QNA Talent, NINAS Entertainment, 311 Entertainment.

In December 2021 – January 2022, she performed at the Christmas festival on stage “Ripe by The Bay” Dubai Festival City Mall.

In October 2022 she performed in Abu Dhabi at Afya Restaurant Traders Hotel.

In November 2022 she took part in the “Street Music Festival” on Bluewaters Island, Dubai.

In October 2022 she was nominated in SHE AWARDS 2022 Season 2 DUBAI in the category “SHE Singer” and was among the three finalists-nominees in the category “SHE MUSICIAN” Dubai. She was a guest singer and performed as “She Awards Performer” at SHE INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK 2022 Season 2.

In December, she performed on Christmas Eve at the Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi hotel in the Urban Kitchen restaurant and on Christmas Day in Dubai.

She performed in a duet with a pianist on New Year’s Eve at The Address Downtown Dubai.

She took Honoree at SHE AWARDS 2023 Edition 3 in Dubai as an Award-Winning Celebrity Singer.

She is also going to perform at Fashion Week in May 2023.

Soul Artists agency awarded Kristina Gutseva as the female singer of the year 2022 in Dubai.